Small Company + Big Ideas = Interesting Ideas

Welcome to The Interesting Film Company. We are a small but very successful independent documentary production company, founded by Tim Tate – a multiple award-winning producer-director.Read more...

We are passionate about our films and we’ve established a strong track record in video production and film production specifically in high quality documentary, current affairs and investigative programmes for major UK broadcasters and several of the biggest international networks.

We are a video and content production agency that have produced major documentaries, investigations and current affairs films for all British terrestrial networks, Sky, Al Jazeera and many international broadcasters.

We believe strongly in the power and importance of narrative. As film makers we take pride telling individual human stories which reveal a deeper issue.

As a production company we are committed to providing a co-operative and supportive environment for other film makers and journalists to create enduring and important documentaries.

We have an unashamedly international as well as domestic vision: many of our films seek to be a window on the world for a British audience. For that reason we work closely with a small network of independent journalists in the United States and Europe.

We have a permanent presence in the USA: our transatlantic colleagues Leah McGrath Goodman – a highly acclaimed investigative journalist and author – and Lisa Bolivar – a very experienced journalist and producer – ensure that we have our fingers on the American pulse.

Our focus is always on bespoke documentaries and series – you won’t find us making identikit cookie-cutter reality TV. We devote enormous time and resources on rigorous research to find and tell important stories. And we put our budgets on screen, investing in strong cinematography and high production values, not unnecessary overheads.

Who we work with