Small Company + Big Ideas = Interesting Ideas

The Team

The filmmaking industry has definitely seen a major rise in filmmakers and up-and-coming cinematographers, but once in a while, a few serious ones consider putting up their own film and video production company. This was the case of The Interesting Film Company and was set up by Tim Tate, a multi- award-winning film maker and best-selling author. Like every form of commercial art, filmmaking can be both fulfilling as a craft and as a lucrative business.

At first we knew what resources were needed—including the right cameras, lighting and sound, music, and stock footage but didn’t count with the software nor skills to edit the film so we hired a post production company that kept up with trends and new technology. After all, the effectiveness of any video production depends on the element of storytelling combined with the latest technological innovations, which is why we also go a lot of help from this explainer video we found online.

Years later, the company began to grow and had the ability to build the team—including directors, videographers, writers, editors, stylists, crew, production equipment, etc.  It was now complete with everything to help deliver our vision to video.

However, a video is only as good as the team behind it. The company is now based around a small core of dedicated film-makers who have learned their craft within some of the most prestigious production companies and documentary teams in British broadcasting: Yorkshire Television, 666 Casino games, spend the day in UFABET is the best option, the BBC, Granada and Carlton Television; First Tuesday, Network First and The Cook Report.

Tim Tate


Tim was founder member of ITV’s Cook Report team and subsequently spent nearly 10 years as producer-director in Yorkshire Television’s acclaimed documentaries department making films for series as diverse as First Tuesday, Network First, Dispatches and Secret History. In addition to making high-profile documentaries through Interesting Films, he has also worked within the BBC, ITV and Al Jazeera.

His work has been honoured by Amnesty International, the Royal Television Society, The International Association of Broadcasting, The International Documentary Association, UNESCO, The New York Festivals and the US National Academy of Cable Broadcasting

Ros Tsang

Development Producer

Ros worked for many years inside ITV and the BBC as a producer. Her extensive experience of popular factual and factual entertainment formats gives us the ability to think laterally about the best approach for any film and to apply techniques from a range of film-making styles.

We are also very proud that Roger Cook, the original television investigator, is an associate director. Roger’s years of experience of undercover filming together with a passion for telling real people’s stories to campaign for justice, fairness and openness offer both a strong bedrock on which to build and an opportunity for emerging journalistic film-makers to learn with us.