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Our latest production videos and broadcast credits.

Rick Wakeman on Vivaldi's Four Seasons - TRAILER

1 x 60’ documentary for ITV’s Perspectives arts series. Rick Wakeman – prog rock superstar and television Grumpy Old Man – goes in search of Antonio Vivaldi, the 18th century priest who composed the world‘s most popular classical music, The Four Seasons. Rick wants to test his theory that Vivaldi was the first rock star – and investigate why his music disappeared completely for 20 years.

ITV Network

Children of the Master Race

1 x 60′ historical documentary examining the Nazi Lebensborn program, set up to create a new generation of the supposed “master race” which was to continue ruling the 1000 Reich.

“Singularly disturbing”: The Guardian

Channel 5 (GroupM Co-Production)

Lost Children of Chechnya

30′ film investigating the appalling cost of ten years of war on the children of Chechnya – and following the dedicated surgeon who risked his life to save theirs as he returns to his devastated country to rebuild lives.

Al Jazeera Network

Roger Cook's Greatest Hits

90’ film in which Roger Cook returns to and re-investigates many of his most famous stories and campaigns. From villains on the Costa del Sol to heartless big game hunters in South Africa; from Chinese Triads operating in Britain to the victims of international sex trafficking.

ITV Network

Terror Tourists

59’ observational film following the first ever counter-terrorism package holiday course in Israel & the Occupied Territories. Four American men & women are put through an arduous week of training by Israeli special forces commandos: but are they also being politically manipulated?

BBC2 Correspondent Special

The Chameleon/The World's Most Wanted Woman

50-minute documentary on the life & crimes of Elaine Parent – con artist, identity thief & murderer. (Joint production with World of Wonder) 

Court Television Network (USA)/Channel 5 (UK)

Teenage Rendition

Exclusive feature investigation into the multi-million dollar Brat Camp industry in America – an industry which condones and even encourages the kidnapping of children and their ‘rendition’ into closed and abusive programs.

Sky News

How Safe is Your Plane?

11 minute feature Exclusive investigation into allegations that Boeing allowed and then covered up the installation of unapproved, ill-fitting and dangerous parts on up to 1600 of its most popular planes.

Winner: Silver World Medal, New York Festivals

Sky News


11 minute feature investigation into allegations that Florida Governor Jeb Bush tried to rig the November presidential election for his brother George W. Bush.

Channel 4 News

Smoked Out

America’s Big Tobacco companies agreed to pay $246 billion to compensate all 50 states for cigarette-related diseases. Now many of the states are investing the money back in the tobacco industry.

Channel 4 News

Cracking Up

Britain is on the edge of a crack epidemic – because we ignored warnings from the man at the centre of the US crack blight. 13 years on he reveals what it was like – and how to stop it.

Channel 4 News

Wolvercote: A Suitable Place for Treatment?

Investigation into government mistakes forcing closure of Britain’s Only residential paedophile treatment centre.

Channel 4 News

Rogue Surgeon

1 x 30’ investigation into Britain’s worst cosmetic surgeon.

Channel 5

America's Disappeared

Investigative feature into the fate of 2000 people arrested and held in secret detention by FBI since September 11. 

Channel 4 News

On the Run in China

Investigative & observational feature on a Chinese security official defecting to the west with a commercial secret.

Channel 4 News

Bush's Deadly Ambition

Investigation into wrongful executions under George W. Bush’s governorship in Texas.

Channel 4 News

Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths

50-minute investigative documentary revealing the truth about the 1987 Cleveland child sex abuse crisis.

Channel 4 (Part One: “The Death Of Childhhood”)

The Robert Kennedy Assassination

1 x 60’ investigation uncovering the long-hidden truth about the 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Channel 4: Secret History (Co-Production with Exposed Films)

Disciples of Chaos

1 x 40’ investigation of British neo-nazis and their connections to European terror groups.

Channel 4: Dispatches